Why Use Eye Brow Tinting Vegetable Dye

Eyebrow tinting has been around for a while but becoming more popular now.  It is nothing but dyeing your eyebrows to cover the grey areas or add volume to them. Eyebrow dyes are different from the regular hair dyes. They may be further classified into natural and synthetic dyes.


  • Vegetable based dyes are the choice of those who prefer the natural way of tinting eyebrow.
  • Eye brow tinting vegetable dyes are colorants that you go for especially when you are attempting eyebrow coloring at home.
  • This is because vegetable dyes have the lowest levels of peroxide than the synthetic ones. So it is safe for your eyes.
  • So even if you make mistakes when applying the color, your eyes are safe. Vegetables based dyes last longer than synthetic ones as the arches absorb the dye better when the peroxide levels are lower.
  • Another big advantage of using vegetable based dyes for eye brow tinting is that they do not have the bleaching effect of synthetic dyes.


All said and done, there are very few cosmetic brands making eyebrow tinting dyes that are vegetable based. And even these products have some amount of oxidative dye and may cause allergic reactions and damage to the original color of the eyebrows as well. These dyes are very expensive too.