Waxing for Sensitive Skin

Generally waxing is a painful process, but when you have sensitive skin, in addition to the usual pain, this pain would almost be not worth the pain. For the people who have reactive and sensitive skin, this type of hair removal can become misery.

One of the commonly occurred side effects through hair removal is some degree of inflammation or redness after the procedure for the sensitive skin. This process not only pulls the hair out of the follicles, but also contends at skin that causes inflammation of the skin.

To avoid irritation and inflammation after hair removal process, you should take preventions while starting the procedure. Make sure that the wax doesn’t contain any ingredients, which may leave your skin unnecessarily red. Often, all waxes are made with resin but they may be based on a particular ingredient like: lavender, tea tree, chocolate, etc.

Many waxes are made up of fragrances, artificial colors and ingredients. Many people are getting allergies through the usage of artificial ingredients; sometimes natural products may also cause an allergy that vary from person to person, so take care while choosing the product. Check out the products for prepping the skin, wax removing and skin soothing as well.

You can apply oil or powder. If you’re going to wax yourself, then after cleansing your skin, apply oil if you are using hard wax and if you are using soft wax apply powder. These would act as a buffer, so this wax can be adhered more by the hair and not your skin. Thus it would lessen the amount of redness on the skin.

Use proper technique: Hold the skin tightly while pulling the hair out to prevent the skin from being tugged on too much. Creams are the best products, which are especially made for sensitive skin. Don’t wax more than once over an area, because this may cause your skin to become inflamed and red, sometimes this may also remove the skin layer.

Soothe skin: Apply aloe based gel after wax that would help in soothing your skin and help in reducing the inflammation and redness after removing the wax residue and ridding the hair.

After waxing the eyebrows keeping tea bags will provide you relaxation. Bag of frozen vegetables or ice-pack or ice assist in reducing the redness and inflammation.

If your skin is extremely inflamed or painful for some days, torn off or bleed, then something isn’t right. Hair removal through waxing isn’t for everyone, so try another method. Sugaring and threading are the two other alternatives, which can remove your excess hair follicle from the base but these are much easier on skin, and these methods cause less pain and redness.

Consulting a beautician will give you best idea about waxing for your sensitive skin. Also, waxing salons increase the effectiveness of your beauty treatment.