Techniques for Facial Massage

Facial massage can give you relief from tension and stress, promotes relaxation to your body and restores the energy of your body and face by increasing the blood circulation. This is a great way to increase the blood flow and to achieve a healthy and glowing skin. Regular facial massage would lift and tighten the facial muscles and gives more youthful appearance to your skin. So, it is called as an anti-aging treatment.

Techniques for Facial massage include:

  • Use the middle finger and index finger for this technique. Place your middle finger below the jawline, while your index finger reclines on the top of jawline. Then by using a very gentle grip slide towards ears starting from the jawline.
  • Take some nut or vegetable oil and apply it well on both the palms. Apply it to your face and neck using long, upward and downward sweeping movements and apply a very little amount around the eyes and do massage by using only ring fingers of your hands.
  • Massage your neck by using your both hands alternatively. Take the upward movements from the neck jawline. Revolve your hands lightly over the windpipe and neck. This must be done from one ear to another ear.
  • Grasp your hands in together, with your fingers grabbing tightly and pointing towards your forehead over nose. Then put pressure for 4-5 seconds and remove. Repeat this for 7-8 times.
  • Use your whole hand and start applying pressure on the right side of the neck with left hand by putting your fingers together. Start this from base of your neck and continue till the jawline. Repeat this on the other side by switching your hands.
  • Fore head massage: Hold the fingers together with the index finger on the top of others over your forehead. With a gentle movement, move your hands up to your hairline in a close lifting movement. Repeat the process for 5-8 times.
  • Cheek palming: Place your hands above the cheekbones, starting from the cheek bones till your mouth, slide the palms down and repeat this along the base of the jawbone. Then move along the same jaw line till your ears and come down to the cheekbones again. Do the same action for 8-10 times.
  • Throat Strokes: Smoothly pinch the area over the collarbone and throat. Make sure that you don’t do it hard.
  • Head Tap: Gently tap the forehead and scalp with your finger tips. This would increase the blood flow and provide relaxation for you.
  • Ear swipes: Gently massage your entire ear by using two fingers and thumb. Start at the top and repeat till you reach lobe. Use pressure as you feel comfortable. Repeat this for 5-6 times and you can also use any oil for this.

To get more desired benefits, you can consult a beautician to get a wonderful and relaxing facial massage.