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Waxing has numerous benefits including smooth results that last 3-4 weeks, improved skin quality, reduction of ingrown hairs, and much more! Thanks to our convenient and affordable waxing services, our clients are saying good-bye to their razors and hello to healthy waxed skin. Our specialized Esthetician uses customized wax catering to your special and sensitive skin. We are the best in Brazilian and Bikini Body waxing as we remove unwanted hair with minimal discomfort. We create a friendly, confidential and relaxing environment for you to experience the benefits of Body Waxing.

Starting from the basic waxing to the special waxing all are available at our salon. Prior to the waxing treatment, the beautician will cleanse the skin in that area using special pre-cleansing lotion. Then the wax is applied to the area where there is unwanted hair and then removed. In order to remove the hair, it should be around 3.4 inch long otherwise it cannot be waxed effectively.

Waxing is done using various products. Cold wax and hot wax both are available in the market and they can be used according to the customer wish. Waxing can be performed at any place like cheeks, eyebrows, upper lips, face, hands, legs etc. Different waxing products are used for different areas. Waxing takes away the hair along with the tan. There are some waxing products, which have tan removing content in them and they can effectively removes the skin tan also.

Once the waxing process is completed, a soothing additive serum is applied to avoid any burning sensation and also to nourish the skin. Waxing makes the skin soft by removing the unwanted hair. The hair does not grow coarsely for over four weeks. Waxing makes the hair roots thinner and reduces the hair growth gradually. Waxing can be done both for men and women and customized wax is available at the Beauty Bazaar Salon according to different skin types.

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