Pre and Post Tips for Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is one of the popular hair removal techniques performed in US. Brazilian waxing differs from regular waxing as hair removal is done in the back, front and everything in between. Most men and women consider Brazilian wax as they want the entire biking area free of hair. Also, people should be cautious every time they remove hair, as it is a specialty technique that needs to be addressed with extra care. This article gives you some pre and post-waxing tips for Brazilian waxing:

Pre Brazilian waxing tips:

  • For women during their period time, waxing can be more painful. So, make sure that your appointment shouldn’t be closure to few days before or after the period. Few beauty salons don’t do Brazilian waxing when you are on period.
  • Clean and slightly exfoliate the bikini area before the appointment by using warm, but not hot water. Make sure that you are extra clean at these times.
  • Stop using any lotions at your bikini area.
  • The hair at the bikini needs to grow but not too long which can make waxing more painful.  Follow the salon’s specific instruction to trim the hair to the desired length.
  • Take aspirin or Tylenol at least 30 min prior to your appointment.

Post Brazilian waxing tips:

  • After bikini waxing, avoid wearing tight panties for few days.
  • Don’t touch the waxing area immediately after hair removal as it can cause small pimples or irritation at the area.
  • Don’t take hot bath the day you will get bikini waxing.
  • Avoid usage of tanning beds, steam rooms, saunas at least for 2-3 days after waxing.
  • Avoid any kind of sexual activity at least for 24-48 hours.