Five Best Facials for Dry Skin During Winter

Ah, Winter!!! You might be feeling embarrassed with dry and flaky skin!! Dry skin needs much care to eliminate dullness or tiredness on your face. Add professional salon facials to your everyday skin care routine to achieve your glowing skin free of scaly patches back in a short period. Don’t you imagine? Have it a try and your skin will really thank you!! Enjoy the results.

Paraffin Facial:


Paraffin facial is great for treating your dull looking and dehydrated skin due to longer periods of exposure to winter winds!!! This is popular among celebrities to achieve radiant look. Apply warm paraffin mask and allow it to dry for some time! This warm mask effectively cleans away the pores and hydrates your dry skin as well. Getting paraffin facial is perfect for dry skin sufferers.

Classic Facial:


Does your skin look dull and want quick solution for treating dehydrated skin? Classic facial is the perfect remedy for dry skin. This facial involves cleansing, toning and a relaxing massage performed in different movements and specific directions. For achieving beautiful glowing skin, different strokes and pressures are given while doing facial.

Plant stem cell facial:


Dry skin is more prone to aging process, finally results in having aging skin with wrinkles and fine lines. Plant stem cell facial is a best skin care treatment in reversing the aging effects on your facial skin. Dead rough and damaged skin cells due to cold air are perfectly treated with this facial using plant stem cells. It works at cellular level reducing the signs of aging. Try it and Get that younger looking skin!!!

Organic facial:


Want to go organic with natural ingredients? This is for you. This customized facial makes use of all natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and herbs to hydrate and bring balance in your skin. Carrot vitamin facial is best for hydrating your dry, scaly skin. Adds special glow to your skin regimen!!

Hydrating facial:


Restores your skin hydration needs and nourishes it with required moisture. It stops your skin losing natural oils at the same time removes all the damaged skin cells. Create a perfect young look with hydrating facial as it soothes fine lines and other aging signs. Minerals used in this facial leaves you soft rejuvenated look and feel.