Effective Techniques for Facial Massage

Facial massage is a most efficient method to relieve from stress and tension. It will restore the energy and promote relaxation. Massage therapy is a very old form of healing. Regular messages to face can keep the skin look beautiful, young, firmer and smooth. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, tightens face muscles, balances the moisture, increases radiance, and reduces toxins and impurities.

Techniques include:

  • Take care of skin sensitivities before getting massage on face. Sensitive skin can be damaged more easily or irritated. So, be aware of the thing what is using on your face.
  • Usually pure nut oil or vegetable oil is recommended for facial massage. Vegetable oils will provide better moisture to the skin. They can be absorbed more slowly by the skin, so the effect is long-lasting. Various types of skin require various types of oils. A beautician can recommend better on this.
  • Vegetable oils contain saturated fatty acids, so these oils mostly used for the persons who have dry skin. Vegetable oils are thicker, keep moisture longer and absorbed slowly by the skin.
  • Oils which contain unsaturated poly acids are used for the people who are having oily skin because they are thinner and absorbs quickly by skin. If the person has completely oily skin, oil may not be required.
  • Length of the massage time is very important and it should not be more than twenty minutes. Because if the massage is more than 20 minutes there is a possibility to lengthen or stretch the facial muscles.
  • After relaxing the facial muscles, concentrate on rolling, kneading, friction, knuckling and lifting.
  • Use palms for a smooth touch and gently massage the skin. Special attention should be taken when massaging the neck area. Massage should be always in an upward direction.
  • Usually, nose and forehead are targeted to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Cheeks and mouth are rubbed to prevent the sagging of muscles.
  • Neck and chin are targeted to reduce the sagginess of the skin and to increase the muscle tone. This will help in reducing the chances of double chin occurrence.
  • Movements with fingers: brisk and light strokes can be done to stimulate the nerve and cell response as this can help in removing dead skin tissue. Skin tone will be improved and tightened by fingers tapped on face.
  • Ears have the pressure points and they stimulate other parts of the body, so finally gently massage the ears.

Facial massage can keep skin looking youthful and tight. In order to attain all these benefits, you can contact a beautician to undergo effective facial massage. Beautician can be an experienced person in several aspects of skin care techniques. Consulting them will give you a better idea about the techniques that suit your skin needs.