Dos and Don’ts of Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian BlowoutPeople of any hair type can enjoy Brazilian blowout straightening treatment, which created a trend in this fashion world. To maintain soft and silky hair for longer periods is also a concerned area after the treatment. Isn’t it?? However, most women completely ignore taking care of their hair once the treatment is done. Here are some tips on dos and don’ts of Brazilian blowout to increase the life span of your newly styled hair.

Dos of Brazilian Blowout:

  • Wear your hair down for at least 72 hours after the treatment
  • Use only salon-recommended shampoos and conditioners
  • Use after care products that are sodium chloride free
  • Want to color your hair!!?? Wait for two weeks following the treatment
  • Gently rinse your hair when you come out of swimming pool
  • If your hair gets wet within 72 hours after treatment, try to dry it and iron hair as early as possible
  • Style your hair using straighter or hair dryer
  • You can use silk scarf to keep your hair dry and away from the face while shower
  • Treatment can be performed on any type of hair that is previously relaxed or colored.

Don’ts of Brazilian Blowout:

  • Do not use pins or slides to tie or style your hair until the period of two days is completed
  • Limit your time in the swimming pool
  • Do not wet your hair for at least 72 hours after the treatment
  • Do not color your hair for 6 weeks
  • Do not rest your glasses on your head about 72 hours after treatment
  • Do not rest your scalp on cotton pillow cases
  • Do not use any extra hair styling products or accessories after the treatment for 72 hours
  • Do not use normal shampoos of your home
  • Do not use any gels or sprays to design your hair

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