Different Types of Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Because of so many reasons updo hairstyles always occupied top place in wedding hairstyle selection of many brides. This type of hairstyle is not only elegant and gorgeous, it is practical also. If you are processing for an updo hairstyle for wedding then you are no need to worry about being different or unique since there is a wide range of selection for hairstyles to select from. It is not hard to select something that will suitable for the form of your face.

Here are the best timeless and classic updo hairstyles that you can select from:

  • French Twist: It is one of the timeless and popular updo choices. Wherein the bond of the hair are comb into curl at the back of the head at the same time being hold by hairpins. This is perfectly suitable for medium length hair. Flowers, decorative pins and tiaras make best accessories for this type of updo hairstyle.
  • Classic bun: It is also known as chignon, it is an updo where hair is bend up in a condensed bun and            join together without any guidelines of hair attaching on to the back of head. It can be wear high on      the middle part, on the top of the head, or on neck low. Whatever the way you select to do it, the outcome is an elegant and classic hairstyle.
  • Bun with twisted side: A difference between this hairstyle and classic bun is, the hair is gathering at the back of head to arrange a perfectly condensed bun in this type of hairstyle. Here we can see strands of twisted locks falling from the edges of the bride’s face.
  • Side up do: In this type of updo, hair is comb to one edge at the naped of the neck to shape bun or roll. For a different look, brangs can also be combed to one edge.
  • Prom style: If you believe French twist or bun is too old-fashioned for you, you possibly would want a modern looking updo. This can be achieved by prom style updo wherein the hair is comb back and hold at the crown of the head and the excess hair is twisted and pinned for a sophisticated and classy look.
  • Simple ponytail: Gathering the hair into a ponytail and attaching accessories such as tiara or flower can also become a wonderful updo choice for wedding.
  • Messy Modern updo: If you want an updo and which looks chick and modern, you can choose for messy modern wherein the hair is distinguished into pars beginning from the head top. By leaving a few strands without attaching the main hair is gathered into a bun. This is best for modern bride who is going to wear a headpiece in the place of veil.

Contacting a beautician can give you a good idea about which updo hairstyle suits best for your look.