Bridal Makeup Tips

Wedding day is one of the happiest and unforgettable moments in every woman’s life.  Every bride wants to look gorgeous and remarkable for their special day. Makeup is very important, for a perfect look as per the modern trend; this can be possible with the help of expert beautician. Apart from makeup, every bride should follow some dietary and fitness tips, which are very much necessary. For the natural and healthier skin drinking lots of water and avoiding junk food is the foremost step.  Take care of the products you use on your skin as these products make you a beautiful and prettiest bride.

Depending upon the bride’s taste and suitability, cosmetics, hairstyle, costumes and jewelry is selected. An expert beautician will help you in selecting the bridal makeup kit, as they are well aware of the cosmetics suitable for the bride. For natural glowing and stunning look, not only the makeup is important as it enhances the features best perhaps overall radiant look is very much necessary on your wedding day. Bridal make up mainly starts with perfect skin and body type.

The eyebrows need to be trimmed before the wedding day and sleep more than usual (Eyebrow Threading). Before applying the makeup, make sure about the moisturizer to be applied 10 minutes before. Application of primer is needed as this makes a wall between your skin and makeup. Primer helps in keeping makeup to stay for longer time but take care of the foundation creams that should be considered based on the atmosphere.

Bridal makeup tips:

  • Under eye, dark circles and blemishes need to be covered with dull shade foundation. Use concealer. The application should be in outward circular direction. The light shaded color tone that is lighter than your skin tone need to be opted.
  • Oil free foundation need to be used as heat produces smudgy scrap.
  • For eye makeup use waterproof mascara as this prevents from sweat and tears.
  • Avoid neon colors for eye shadowing, use only natural colors. Use brown eye shadow on the eyelids and silver on outer sides.
  • Tan removal sessions are necessary for your face and neck, plan it before hand. Do not go for instant tan removers
  • For beautiful eyes use waterproof eyeliners in black color as this helps your eyes to look bigger and attractive.
  • Selection of lipstick is must based on your costume color. Use lip liner for shiny and soft look with lipstick.
  • Use light shades of pink color to your cheeks, as it looks natural.
  • Avoid too much of shimmer, unusual colors as makeup as this may drop the beauty.
  • Use only basic colors to your skin as the bridal makeup helps to look more gorgeous and radiant.
  • To look great on your wedding day keep away anxiety as this may make you look dull.
  • Finally apply your preferred perfume on the special day.