Bikini Waxing to Remove Those Unwanted Hair

Bikini waxing is the body hair epilation around the region of pubic. With different styles of swimwear, pubic hair might be visible around the quirk area of swimsuit. Seeable pubic hair is extensively culturally condemn off and considered to be baffle. Many ladies are now preferred for the bold look to their pubic area. It is considered trendy and fashionable specifically if one is go in to the public places by wearing bikinis or shorts. Bikini waxing is an alteration of a term which is used to refer to eradicating or trimming the hair which usually appears on the edges of the bikini normally for ladies. To extract the hair from the base, hot wax is applied and then layered out.

Depending on the thickness and length of the hair being removed, bikini waxing can become very painful. Normally it is likely to do wax oneself but many people prefer to use services of professionals normally in a spa.

  • There are 3 types of bikini waxing available, such as cold, warm and hot. Most of the people chose hot wax because hot wax produces smoother feel and that also destroy the particles of germs and bacteria and reduces the chances of infection. The heat of the wax is also opens the hair follicles and skin can be smoothen.
  • Mostly cold waxing is by the women who do the wax process themselves in their home. It is the best option for women who have the skin type as sensitive.
  • An optional selection for waxing is sugaring which is nothing but applying a substance of a gooey sugary. Sometimes it may evade the clothing strip as a whole and if it is done well, the outcome can be same as the professional wax.

There are different types of bikini waxing techniques are available which include: Regular bikini waxing, French Bikini Waxing, Brazilian Wax, and Hollywood wax.

  •  Regular Bikini Wax: it is used to remove all hair from bikini line. You can remove rest of hair by using scissors.
  •  French waxing: it also termed as landing strip. In this process all the hair is pulled off from the sides and top but remains a tiny part down the middle.
  • Brazilian Waxing: this is the most famous method of waxing. It is where hair from the inner and outer labia, anus, buttocks, and perineum is completely removed.
  • Hollywood Wax: it is same as Brazilian wax but there is no shaping of hair or landing strip on the pubic area. If you like to be completely hair free then this is the best choice for you.

It is advised that avoid water and sun after waxing up to 24 hours. The chemicals in water may cause bumps and rashes on skin. Experts even advised that wait for a couple of days after bikini waxing.

If you want to consider waxing techniques like french waxing, Brazilian waxing, or hot waxing, it is good to take under the hands of an experienced beautician.