Benefits of Facial massage

Facial massage is mainly the relaxing process intended for stress-free and at the same time stimulation of the skin cells. Facial massage is very much beneficial to stimulate the facial muscles and improve blood circulation. Nowadays lots of people are opting for this therapy to attain the various benefits of facial massage.

Usually, cosmetologists, massage therapists, and beauticians do facial massage. For massaging the face, oil should be used which is specially prepared. Skin care products can also be used for massaging the face. This oil is very much beneficial for massaging sensitive facial areas like eyes. Massage entails whole face parts and sometimes may includes scalp. After finishing the massage, the oil is removed and finally leaving the face relaxed and cleansed.

Facial massage helps in accomplishing healthy and younger looking skin as a result slows down the aging process. Massage is one of the healing processes and many benefits can be achieved by massaging. Regular massage helps in reducing wrinkles, releasing tension; moisturizing and glowing the skin, besides it gives physical and mental relaxation.

Facial massage Benefits:

  • Massaging the facial areas gives soft and radiant skin, removes dead skin and stimulates circulation of blood. After a certain age the skin begins to wear over, which is mainly seen on the face area. This can be treated in regular facial massage.
  • Massage also helps in tightening the skin tissues that have a tendency to go flaccid. Massaging helps in getting better facial tone.
  • The face is packed with pressure points and nerves. Massage can be easily justified with practical benefits. Facial massage Improves mood, reduces anxiety and decreases psychological distress.
  • Wrinkle prevention: Day-by-day stress is increased, which repeatedly fallout in tension. This tension is build up in a particular muscle. As a result, wrinkles are seen. Between the eyebrows and lip line and forehead lines are formed. Regular massage with hydrating moisturizer can help in restricting dryness and lines thus relaxing the muscles.
  • Allergies and sinus congestion are relieved: Massage helps in reliving allergies and sinus infections. For infection with sinus, therapeutic massage is not suggestible without doctor’s approval, sometimes it may lead to symptoms of allergy.
  • Bell’s palsy is relived using facial massage: bells plasy is a weakness resulting in paralysis of the muscles.
  • Detoxification: the lymph nodes present on the facial region play a major role. Massaging the facial area helps in the elimination of toxins
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ): In both sides of the jaw, some sounds occur, which causes toothaches, headaches and earaches. Facial massage therapy can help in reduction of thee muscle spasms.