After Waxing Tips to Dramatically Reduce the Pain

Every woman desires to have clean and hair-free look. Waxing is the best way to achieve this look, but it is somewhat a painful method.

There are several methods for women who experience pain after waxing. Only thing is you need to find the best solution that is suitable for you and also the level of pain tolerance. One of the best ways to reduce pain after waxing is using over-the-counter medications.

Here are few after waxing tips:

  • Apply ice immediately after waxing as it is the great way to numb the area. Use ice for five minutes before you start waxing and also use after completing till you satisfy.
  • Consider taking antacid an hour before waxing and it helps to control the pain related with hair removal.
  • You can also consider relaxation methods to manage pain but not just during waxing. By concentrating on and visualizing the relaxation of different body parts can keep you in a light trance.
  • Visualization is also a best method of relaxation. Choose a place which you like most and concentrate on it. Just imagine you are relaxing in that place by doing something that offers you a level of relaxation.
  • Practice some deep breathing exercises before your waxing session starts. Inhale the breathe deeply through the nose, hold for some time and exhale slowly and fully through the mouth.
  • Listen to music. Listening to music is a best relaxation technique.
  • Press hard on the affected area right after the strip is pulled off. This is very important to reduce the pain.
  • Try to find ways to make the time go faster. Talk with other customers who are waiting for their treatment.
  • Don’t apply any lotions or gels without the beautician recommendations as the dilated pores can get blocked and lead to infection.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes for a day or two after the waxing.
  • Don’t think that waxing at home will be easy. Doing yourself is very tough task and will really hurt if you don’t know what you are doing.