8 Nail Color Trends 2015 to Give a Try

After face, the most looking parts of our body are your fingernails. The nail color that you put will very much reflect your personality. For the upcoming spring and summer, if you want to make your finger and toe nails as the most stunning parts of your body, then first go for manicure and pedicure. Once you get your beautiful nails, the next thing is shaping. Shape your nails according to your taste and personality.

Ask your beautician for the perfect nail shape that suits your personality best. Once you get your desired shape, the next thing is choosing the color. The nail color you are going to put should reflect your personality, skin color and the outfit you are going to wear.

Matte Bronze: This color suits tall women with fair skin tone. It looks best on medium to large size nails.

Glamorous Red: It is the most favorite color for many women. It suits women with fair skin tone. Any size of nails looks best in this color.

Sandy Camel: It is most suitable on women with golden hair color. This color suits women with any type of skin tone.

Bright White: Bright White is very much suitable for outfits with very little white on it. You can simply put stripes with a color that your outfit shows most.

Pastel color: To try these colors, paint just half-moons and leave the rest of the nail naked. These colors are suitable for women with little fairness.

Cobalt Blue: Blue is much suitable for parties or any casual occasion. Blue nail color goes very well with gold jewelry. It is fun to wear the color for few days, but do not prolong it to a month or so. It looks best on women with fair skin tone.

Metallic Shades: These shades don’t look good when you color your full nails. Just use them to add lines or half-moon shapes on your base nail color.

Silver Accessories: Silver accessories like studs, star shapes go well on pastel nail colors. These can be suitable on any skin tone.