5 Skin Care Tips When You Are in 50s

skincare in your 50sSkin looks beautiful at any stage of age but it gets loose and shrinks as it loses elasticity when you age.

You will notice fine lines and wrinkles at this age as the elastin and collagen fibers gets break down. It is the time for a woman to face menopause symptoms.

During menopause, your body undergoes several changes mainly hormonal fluctuations which change drastically your skin type.

When you are in menopause stage, progesterone and estrogen levels get reduce, oil glands produce oils in less quantity resulting in skin dryness and lifeless.

Hence you need to seek a beautician’s advice and get all the skin care treatments regularly like laser hair removal process, bleach your hair etc. Here are some tips and treatments which keep you away from menopause symptoms.

1. Skin Care Oils

Alipoid is a condition that results in lacks skin oils. Alipoid symptoms are common when you are in 50’s. Hence you need to try some moisturizers which contain primrose oil, jojoba oil and sesame oil. These are the vital oils which keeps your skin healthy and refreshed.

2. Make-up

This is the time you have to take some care of your make-up. Avoid using shimmering shadows and try satin finish shadows which are more sophisticated and preferred that suits your skin in fifties. Try some creams, blushes rich in moisturizers instead of powders and switch to blotting firms from dusting powders.

3. Hair Care

As you age definitely your hair turns grey which gives you aging look. So coloring your hair is necessary to have a younger look as you feel. Avoid harsh color processing to color your hair. Go for trendy shades and soft coloring processes which increase your hair volume, and make the hair become shiny, soft and silky and make you look younger or and increase your feminity.

4. Anti-Aging Facials

Get some anti-aging facials at beauty salon. Select the one which suits your skin texture. Regular facials keep your skin nourished and refreshed. Facial kits with retinol and pine apple extracts are more preferable. Facial keeps you away from aging and makes you look young or soft.

5. Night Creams

When you cross fifty, your skin gets damaged badly due to menopausal symptoms and many others. If you don’t notice or neglect it, you may fall under wrinkle crisis. Many suggestible night creams are available to clear up your fine lines and wrinkles around eyes and mouth. Get those from well experienced beauticians as they know very well about your skin texture.