10 Brazilian Blowout Aftercare Tips to Make the Results Last Longer

Have you done with Brazilian Blowout hair soothing treatment? Enjoying the results of the treatment leaving your hair frizz-free, smooth, silky and straight!!! However, the results are not long lasting. Overtime, the most innovative keratin treatment will wash away and you will leave with same hair as you have earlier!!! However, you can enjoy the beautiful straight hair of keratin treatment for few more weeks with some proper care after the treatment. Follow these aftercare tips and enjoy the smooth and healthy hair!!!

  1. Do not wet your hair about 72 hours after getting keratin treatment. In any case, if your hair got wet, use blow dry and straighten as soon as possible to keep it dry.
  2. Keep your hair down for first two days, this allows your hair to blend perfectly with keratin.
  3. Do not use pins, hair bands or hair clips for first three days as it leaves dents on your hair even after treatment.
  4. Following the treatment, you are supposed to use only salon-recommended and chemical-free aftercare products. Make sure the products you are using must be sodium chloride free.
  5. Want to color your hair after keratin treatment? Then, you have to wait for 2-3 weeks to color your hair.
  6. If you love to do swimming regularly, apply protective serum before you swim. Spending less time in the pool will add more time to enjoy the amazing results of keratin treatment.
  7. Remember!! After swimming, do not forget to wash and rinse your hair thoroughly because salt water will easily strip away keratin from your hair leaving it rough and frizz.
  8. It is a good idea to decrease frequent washes to your hair as earlier so that treatment lasts longer.
  9. Limit your hair exposing to High UV levels and chlorine containing waters to increase the life span of the treatment.
  10. It is also important to give your hair nighttime care!!! You are not allowed to sleep on cotton-based pillows, which create friction and irritation that make your hair frizzy and makes treatment short-lived. Silk pillows reduce irritation and friction and thus results are long lasting.